Monday, May 14, 2007

Pencil Shading

These are a few Pencil Shading pictures done by me on paper.


Advaidan said...

One of the few stunning piece of work i hav by one of my kown frnds... ofcourse though it was done with a refrence pic... its amazin to analyse tis gals lighting sense. She talks very less (atleast to me) about the technical stuffs she emplyed and difficulties she had in doing it. Tht makes me give a lot more respect to her as i hav seen few ppl including me who just do some mix already existing potos use google to discover designs and call it invention. And expect others to say its a master creative work. But she never expects tht much but very much passionate abt her wrok tht wil i guess take her to grter limits.. Though thr wil b much more nice creative works are to come from u mathu.. i feel tis potery wil remain one of best ...:)

Tejal said...

Superb work mathangi.. too good..!